Iran cancels visa application for 32 nations

Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Ezzatollah Zarghami has said the Iranian Cabinet has approved the decision on unilateral cancellation of the visa for 32 countries.

Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Zarghami said that the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts had suggested waiving the visa requirement for 32 countries and the Iranian Cabinet has approved this decision.

He added that the government aims to welcome the world to Iran and communicate with the global community.

The 33 countries approved for Iran’s new visa-waiver program are as follows:

1- Republic of India, 2- Russian Federation (in group visits), 3- United Arab Emirates, 4- Kingdom of Bahrain, 5- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 6- Kingdom of Qatar, 7- Kingdom of Kuwait, 8- Republic of Lebanon, 9- Republic of Uzbekistan , 10- Republic of Kyrgyzstan, 11- Republic of Tajikistan, 12- Republic of Tunisia, 13- Islamic Republic of Mauritania, 14- United Republic of Tanzania, 15- Republic of Zimbabwe, 16- Republic of Mauritius, 17- Republic of Seychelles, 18- Republic of Indonesia, 19- Brunei Darussalam, 20- Kingdom of Japan, 21- Republic of Singapore, 22- Kingdom of Cambodia, 23- Kingdom of Malaysia, 24- Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 25- Federal Republic of Brazil, 26- Republic of Peru, 27- Republic of Cuba, 28- United States of Mexico , 29- Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 30- Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31- Republic of Serbia, 32- Republic of Croatia and 33- Republic of Belarus.

Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, in his remarks, added that Iran will neutralize projects of Iranophobia, and by waiving the visa requirement, hopes to attract more foreign tourists.

According to the latest statistics, the number of foreign arrivals in Iran reached 4.4 million during the first eight months of the current Iranian year (started on March 21).

source: Mehr News Agency